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Forum rules
GeoLinesDate: Monday, 16.05.2011, 15:36 | Message # 1
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• Forum Rules listed below are binding on all participants of the forum, without exception.
• The Administration reserves the right to change the rules without notice.
• Additions and changes to the rules take effect upon publication.


1. Publish deliberately false the info.
2. Use a mat and / or gross expressions (including those in disguised form).
3. To insult anyone, directly or indirectly, to express contempt and / or rude to the participants of the forum.
4. Create messages napyshayuschie deystvyyuschee Russian legislation.
5. Advertise in messages, signatures, any goods or services without special permission from the forum.
6. Create the same themes or messages in various forums.
7. Create new themes with titles that do not reflect the essence of the problem or issue.
8. To talk about "free themes" (flame), new threads are not relevant to this forum, or send messages that do not match the discussion topic (Offtopic).
9. Post links to unlicensed commercial software (warez), hacking programs for its (cracks), and key generators, as well as materials protected by copyright (books, music, videos, etc.).
10. Create messages that do not carry specific semantic load in context (flood).
11. Create a message containing "afftarskuyu" speech, specially made mistakes; maliciously not follow the rules of the Russian language.
12. Create in signatures links to sites that do not meet forum topics.
13. Room creation message CAPS or upper and lowercase letters mixed up ("That's how"), excessive release of the text to highlight in bold, italics, underline, different from the standard for the forum posts the colors, fonts, font size.
14. Autocratic moderation. Ie When a forum member, not a moderator of this forum, make comments to other participants.
15. Discuss punishment made a moderator or an administrator.

Not recommended:

1. Write translit because it is uncomfortable to read. There are methods that allow you to convert transliterated into Cyrillic. Administration reserves the right to close threads in which users are constantly writing translit and ignore the rules of this paragraph.
2. Create messages of political or religious content. Administration reserves the right to delete such posts without notice.
3. Create a signature in any language except English and Russian. Russian-speaking users of the forum should be aware that they write the rest of the forum. English is the international language. Administration reserves the right to remove such signatures after notifying the user via personal message.
4. Repeatedly to raise the topic if the question response was not received on time.

General provisions:

1. Before creating a new topic, use our search. Perhaps what you want to ask has already been discussed at the forum. So you will save precious time to yourself and others.
2. Try to write competently. Check written messages before you send them.
3. When writing a message, avoid excessive quoting. This makes it difficult to read the message and unnecessarily loads the theme.
4. Personal correspondence to the overall theme is Offtopic. For personal correspondence is personal message.
5. Avoid copying the bulk materials of any web pages. It is better to publish links to these materials.
6. If you have nothing to say - it is better not to say anything. No need to write a message just to celebrate.

Administration and Moderation:]

1. Administrators and moderators have the right to edit, move, close, and delete messages and themes that do not satisfy the rules of the forum.
2. Administrators and moderators have the right to pre-emptive interpretation of those or other items of forum rules in the case of statements about the presence of double meaning in these paragraphs from the user.
3. Moderator action may be appealed only to the administrator and only through personal messages.
4. Administration's decision is final and the forum is not appealable.
5. The site administration has the authority and technical ability to appoint a moderator (or several moderators) to maintain order and monitor the implementation of these rules.

FORUM » Main Section » WELCOME » Forum rules
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