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Main » 2011 » June » 4 » Prophet from Germany spoke about the near future in many countries.
Prophet from Germany spoke about the near future in many countries.

Russian blogger Artem Dragunov, who had predicted disaster in Japan and the fire in a lame horse, gave an exclusive interview with Metro.

Recall, February 21, 2011, three weeks before the crash, which killed thousands of people, Artem wrote in his blog: "And yes. Of Japan. There will be no war with them. They will soon be an earthquake. There's even a bomb is not needed. "

Many saw his diary more than a year ago, when the fire broke out at "lame horse. "Three weeks before the tragedy, 13 November 2009, he wrote: "Or a movie so affected, or the news we have such, but had a dream about a big trouble in Perm.

You guys, be careful in Perm...". The club caught fire on Dec. 2, 2009.
Since then, someone finds the blogger a prophet, someone - a terrorist, and the Government of Germany (where he now lives) regularly causes him to "frank talk" - the Bundestag also want to look into the future.

Artem does not want to publish his photo yet.

Artem, tell me about your biography.
- I am 43 years old, I was born in Sochi. Education - Telecommunications Engineer (studied at Rostov, Moscow), sound engineer and sound producer (SAE College Germany). Work as tech digital channels and a sound engineer on several German television channels and radio. Married with three children. I live in Germany, mainly in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. Hobbies - dreams, music and producing.

I conduct several musical projects. In the late 80's was the leader of the "Tunguska phenomenon, today supervise a group of " Tunguska impact" In addition, I am fond of aircraft modeling and writing amateur sci- fi novels.

Social activities - the leader of political and environmental anarchist international organization, "Green Legion", advocating for the introduction of new technologies free energy and reducing the role of the state bureaucracy in society.

Above all – lead dozens of web-projects on various areas of life.

When did you start predicting the future?
- Actually, this is not the prediction, and the simple dreams that I have learned to see, inspect and adapt to an understanding. After a motorcycle accident in Italy in the early 2000's, two days I was in a coma. After this, I began to realize dreams, though they dreamed of me before. Year by 2007 learned how to clearly interpret and even inspect them. I do not own paranormal abilities. I am a simple man who somehow dream breakdowns air field, or rather - its information component.

Do you do anything to better remember the dreams?

- I remember dreams, but it's hard to describe how. Many years of practice. Wake up and immediately write in LJ or in a notebook. Everything to the smallest detail, the main thing - not even the dream itself, but ... the "after dream part” - these are the visions and thoughts that stick in your head when you're still sleepy, but seems to be waking up.

How exactly did you see the current tragedy in Japan?

- I saw all the titles of Japanese and world newspapers in my dream on February 20.

How, from your point of view, there would happen next?

- The scope of the disaster in Japan can be compared with the death of the country. Naturally, it will survive and even recover, but this accident will "throw it away” for tens of years back. Also - the worst has not happened yet. Japan is still rocking and nuclear holocaust is still to come. Tokyo will be evacuated – this means 40 million people.

What other predictions, except for the Lame Horse and Japan came true?

- I have seen a revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, earthquake in New Zealand, the obituaries in our media, some political news, such as "The Police Act”, the reform of Medvedev, seen countless disasters, accidents, etc. - all recorded by this in my journal and witnessed with my 2500 observers.

Can there any trouble be prevented?

- Something is possible to prevent, but this is a particular conversation, because verification of this fact is physically impossible.

What is the percentage of unfulfilled predictions?

- If the dream does not come true - it is difficult to understand why - something prevented it or, simply because, it did not come true. You can certainly say that this is a coincidence, in Japan, they say, every day happens something like this, etc. But anyone who thinks, understands that the agreement is once, twice, but not regularly. And if the Coast office read Dragunov - there would be less victims.

What is expected in the near future?

- In the future I see a powerful earthquake in Turkey and probably in the Caucasus, the earthquake in Central Asia, Iran and China. Powerful aftershocks or technological disaster in the north of Italy or even in Italy. I see an accident in Sarov, flooded subway in Kiev, Budapest, and another Eastern European city. I see the tower collapsed – most likely in an Arab country, and so on. All this is recorded in my journal under the tag "dream".

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